Rustic, yet modern home in Idaho by Olson Kundig

I’m a rather young millennial. Until I am able to create my very own home, I need to get a few years older. But one thing is clear for me: No matter how the house looks like, I’m in love with big windows and a design full of glass.


Olson Kundig is a full-service design firm based in the US.

And I’d love to introduce one of their pieces to you!


Disclaimer: All the images shown in this article belong to OLSON KUNDIG


What has completely blown my mind: The glass walls. You heard right, Olson Kundig has successfully created a home in Idaho which has an entire glass wall, that swings upward to open.



As you can see, this wonderful building owns plenty of windows. You can save a lot of energy with that amount of natural light.



This particular building is called ‘The Bigwood Residence’ and can be found on the hillside in Sun Valley, a resort town in Idaho. As you can see, a truly beautiful piece of art.



With a living space of about 604 square meters, this house is definitely not a microchamber. The main materials used are concrete, steel, wood, and glass. Which makes the building look appealing in my opinion.



The biggest ‘window’ you are able to open is 7 meters wide. This glass wall lifts up, enabling the space to be fully open to the outdoors. The wall is operated via hand crank which makes it all easier to open.


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The interior of this fascinating design is also an eye candy. The rooms are designed to be open, giving it a full but yet still minimalistic look.



On the Inside, the habitation features natural materials and an indifferent color palette. I personally enjoy those colors a lot, hence the redesign of my Instagram feed.



Because those colors are warming the space, it makes living so much more comfortable. But the Olson Kundig firm is known for their rustic alliance in everyday life. As a result, I think this is an incredibly wonderful design. It is warm and light, but still, has this rustic touch to it.


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