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Me and the love of my life
Me and the love of my life





Hi, I am Nina Misteli, a 22-year-old draftswoman in the field of architecture. I am a pet loving person and boy, do I like to travel! I am a proud listener to NYHC and do have the passion for engineering and architecture!



“Life is a journey, and I love to travel!”



I am a draftswoman employed in a small firm. My final goal, however, is to study engineering at the University. Like a big girl! I will do whatever it takes to get there, finally, I got the support of my partner.


I am the writer, editor, and owner of this weblog. As you can see, I can be my own team! But I wouldn’t be anywhere without the love of my life, Frédéric. And I am quite proud of what I have achieved with this online journal.


Frédéric and I both are very enthusiastic about science and technology. We like to geek about anything related to those topics. So we combined our studies of engineering, architecture, and programming. We’d love to incorporate some of our own home automation projects, once we manage to afford a steady home.


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