History of Architecture, Infographic


The school is the place where I learn to become a professional in Draftsmanship. Now, this post will show you a homework exercise I was told to do with a good friend of mine. I’d actually want to show you, what we’ve been working on for our classes.



An Infographic!
Displaying the History of Architecture!



Our homework was done in German. Finally, I visit a school in Switzerland. So the very first infographic was actually designed in German and not English.



If you are here for the German Version, please scroll down!



If you believe it or not, designing a simple project like this is actually more time-consuming than I thought it would be. My friend was getting the information for the different eras of architecture, while I designed the Infographic.


A lot of work went into this, hence I spent about 8 – 10 hours! Well, that was my part only, not hers. So we’ve spent quite some time on it, but I need to say: The result is beautiful! We are both pretty excited about how it turned out. Finally, it has been our very first infographic!






The English version is just a quick ‘fix’ so the texts are literally just copied from the Wikipedia. (Sorry, not sorry.) So the credit for the written form goes to our helpful online encyclopedia.


As a result, we really put a lot of work into this, and I do hope you enjoy it.


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Displayed are the ancient Roman, gothic and the Renaissance architecture. You can see them still to this day! Baroque, Rococo and Classicism followed. Historism, Jugendstil, and modernist followed.


I will update this post on how well the project was received by our teacher.







Nun für all die, die hier her kamen für die Deutsche Version der Infographic 🙂
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The history of Architecture - Infographic in English
The history of Architecture – Infographic in German