Green Architecture: The Gardens by the bay

Images by Munshi Ahmed
Images by Munshi Ahmed

Green Architecture is probably my favorite thing. Building constructions without destroying nature are something amazingly beautiful. Now if you are familiar with giant gardens, you might have heard of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.


Technology makes artificial trees.
A construction you have to see!





The gardens by the bay in Singapore are famous for their display of over 1 Million different plants. You read right, this big national treasure is home to over 1’000’000 various flowers and trees. Personally, the other item I just put on my bucket list.


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The mission of the gardens is to delight their guests with an enthralling experience, an excellent service, and enriching programs. They aim to be a model for sustainable development and conservation.


The Gardens by the Bay are underlying the concept of environmental sustainability. A lot of effort went into the design of the whole garden. Behind the design is a firm called Grant Associates, located in the UK and Singapore.



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What really caught my eyes were the Supertrees. Those weird tree shaped structures are truly a sight to look at.


Images by Munshi Ahmed
Images by Munshi Ahmed


These trees stand 25 to 50 meters tall. These constructions use a design to look and act like real trees. They do provide shade in the day and will come alive at night with a beautiful display of light and sound.


Images by Munshi Ahmed
Images by Munshi Ahmed


The supertrees are home to unique and exotic ferns, vines and orchids. They are fitted with environmental technologies that harness solar energy which can be used for some of the functions of the supertrees. The idea was to mimic photosynthesize of real plants.


Images by Munshi Ahmed
Images by Munshi Ahmed


There is a walkway between two of the larger Supertrees. Visitors are able to enjoy a panoramic view of the Gardens. It is truly fascinating, what technology can do. Combining nature with cold construction technique is just a beautiful piece of art.


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