The Future of Blüten Karma

I have had quite a hard time lately, finding what I’m truly passionate about. After having a long discussion with my partner, we came up with a solution for Blüten Karma.


Blüten Karma wasn’t always a blog dedicated to architecture, engineering, and design. This weblog started off as a German blog for the green indoor living, basically a blog about plants.


Originally Blüten Karma aired in December 2016. But oh boy, a lot has changed since then. I’ve become way more aware of what I really want with this weblog. But to be fair, I’ve received a lot of help from my better half.

“Blüten Karma used to be a German blog for plants.”

After the discussion with my partner, I finally know what I want. Two things I prioritize in my life are my education and my partner. I value these things a lot more than anything else.



As you might have noticed, the blog layout has changed quite a bit. This is due to the change I experience in the day to day life. I work over 40 hours a week, my partner studies. We have quite busy lives as millennials. But here you will see the changes we try to achieve in the near future:

* Publishing articles. New articles are going to be published on Wednesday and Saturday.
* Courses. We will be offering courses/webinars as soon as we have some spare time.
* Offering Blueprints. I will be offering blueprints made by CAD (Swiss Standard – SN SIA)
* Home automation. My partner will help me take over the difficult subject with our own projects.
* A personal touch. I want this blog to have a personal touch to it. Lifestyle topics will show up!
* A name change. Blüten Karma is the old name related to an old subject. A change will happen.

“Blüten Karma will be about Architecture, Engineering, and Design.”

I want to combine the two priorities of my life with this weblog. Architecture and Engineering, just like I’d love to include my partnership. I think it is important to spend time with my partner to maintain a healthy relationship. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. He is the one supporting me through all of this. So if we work together on a project, I’d like to document it on here as well.

Draftsmanship: at work (c)


Since my partner and I both are working on our education and on this weblog, we have a tight budget. If you like what we do and you enjoy our work, why don’t you consider supporting us? Due to your help, the future of this weblog can be assured!

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