3 Tiny apartments that you are going to love!

My housing situation is a bit different than someone might expect. Although I live together with my partner and a cat, we only share 36 square meters of space. But we know exactly how to handle small living. I’ve listed 3 perfect examples on how comfortable small living can truly be!



Natural light is beautiful!
3 Little apartments anyone would fall for!



There are pretty little designs out there! Just open your eyes. Trust me, the 3 object I have chosen for you will blow you away. They’re tiny, yet adorable and strike with design and minimalism!





A wonderful tiny apartment that won over my heart. This little housing was comfortably designed by ‘A little Design’. A Taiwan-based company which could achieve a big amount of space in a relatively small space.









The apartment has earth based colors and is fully filled with natural light. The size is an incredible 22 square meter. A master piece!


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Disclaimer: The rightful owner of those images is ‘A little Design’






For small apartments, it is essential to know how to create space and arrange furniture. If not, it can easily get uncomfortable and people might feel claustrophobic.


MoreDesignOffice managed to design exactly such an apartment with open space in just 538 sq. ft. This apartment can be found in Shanghai.









The colors are light and much storage is offered. Big windows offer plenty natural light, which makes the living space even friendlier. This rather tiny apartment has its very own private bedroom space. The bedroom is divided by a door you can fold to the wall!


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Disclaimer: The rightful owner of those images is ‘MoreDesignOffice’


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This is an apartment in Macedonia. Designed by ‘We Are Proxy’, this flat is truly an eye-candy. With 35 square meters definitely on the smaller side, but the designers did make the best out of this place.


An open planned layout, so anyone will feel immediately invited. Natural light is the personal favorite of mine. This little space has found its way into my heart.







I also love how they’ve incorporated the colors. Due to that, it does have a little pop to it, something a little different. The design is simple, minimalistic, yet has got everything that it needs. Perfectly designed to fit everyday living.



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Disclaimer: The rightful owner of those images is ‘We are Proxy’



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  1. I love this, Nina! I’m such a big fan of the Tiny House movement. It’s great to see how many beautiful spaces can be created in just a tiny area. These apartments you featured are lovely!
    Your website is looking great also. 😉

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